10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2015 Delhi Set-III

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    Describe the process of Unification of Britain.
    Describe the ?Scholar?s Revolt? of 1868 against the spread of Christianity in Vietnam.


    In Britain, the formation of the nations states was the result of a long drawn out process. Primary identities of the people were ethnic ones. All the ethnic groups such as SOCIAL SCIENCE, Welsh Scot or Irish had their own cultural and political traditions. The SOCIAL SCIENCE nation steadily grew in wealth and power. It was able to extend it?s influence over the other nations. The Act of Union 1707 between England and Scotland resulted in the formation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The British parliament was dominated by the SOCIAL SCIENCE while Scottish influence was gradually destroyed. These situations led to many revolts. While the older nations were reduced to the subordinate partners in the arrangement. British flag and anthem were promoted in Britain.
    Christianity introduced by French missionaries was intolerant. An early movement against French control and the spread of Christianity was the ?Scholar?s revolt? in 1868. This result was led by officials at the imperial court angered by the spread of Catholicism and French power. They led a general uprising in Ngu and Ha Tien provinces where over 1000 catholics were killed. The French crushed the movement but this uprising served to inspire other patriots to rise up against them up against them.

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