10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2015 Delhi Set-III

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    What are Self Help Groups? How do they work? Explain.


    Self help groups is the organization of the rural poor, people of same socio economic background to pool their savings to provides loan to their members.
                Work of self help groups:
    (i) Generally self help groups consist of 15 ? 20 members.
    (ii) Members belong the same neighbourhood.
    (iii) They meet regularly.
    (iv) Their savings varies form Rs. 25 ? Rs. 100 or more.
    (v) Only members can take loans from the group itself.
    (vi) The group charges interest less than the money lenders.
    (vii) All the important decisions regarding savings and loans are taken by the members of the group.
    (viii) The group is collectively responsible for the repayment of the loan.
    (ix) The regular meeting of the group provides a platform to discuss and act as a variety of social issues such as health nutrition, domestic violence etc.           

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