10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2017 Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer Examine the main ?challenges? before ?political parties?.


    (i) Lack of internal democracy - ordinary members do not get sufficient information about what it going on in the party. The leader has a greater power and tend to rule the party.
    (ii) Dynastic succession - Generally, members of a family tend to rule the party. Ex.: Nehru (Gandhi) family rules the congress party.
    (iii) Money and muscle power - As parties are only interested in winning power they nominate those candidates who have or can raise a lot of money. Rich people, businessmen and criminals.
    (iv) They do not offer meaningful choice to the voters as many parties are different in their policies and ideologies. Sometimes, people cannot even elect different leaders as same set of leaders keep changing their parties.
    (v) Casteism and religion in politics by parties: When one religion is pitted against another, by the political parties, this is called communalism or communal politics. Some parties or politicians promote the cause of the majority religious group at the cost of minorities. This produces a dangerous trend of majority tyranny.


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