1st Class English Everyday usage and Grammer Everyday Usage and Grammer-1

Everyday Usage and Grammer-1

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Most of the people believe that Monday is the first day of the week. Whereas it is not Monday but Sunday that is that first day of the week.




  • This lesson will help you to
  • learn the terms of daily usage
  • learn the rules of grammar
  • make sentences using various rules of grammar.
  • build confidence about the language  



When we use .any language there are certain terms that have to be used to make it meaningful. Two words should come in harmony to make a meaningful sentence. We cannot use any word for any particular term.

When we speak or write we should be clear enough to tell the other person what we want to convey. If we use wrong words then the other person might not understand what we are trying to tell.

Like if we go to the post office to send a parcel or post a letter and we say that I went to the Police - station. The other person might begin to wonder- "What was the need to go to the police station?" Whereas we wanted to say that it was the post office that we had gone to. So we must use proper terms. So, a little mistake in the usage of words might mean a different thing altogether.

If I use the word doctor, I mean to say a person whom we visit when we are not well.



So proper use of words and phrases is important to sound meaningful. Otherwise we would be speaking a language that can confuse the other person. There are a few people who are there in our surroundings to help us in different ways. Without them, we will not be able to live. They are called our helpers. They are- Teacher, Doctor, Policeman, Fire fighter and a lawyer.


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