Learning is a journey..Let's begin it with Studyadda....

With an endeavour to provide a unique interactive educational platform where learning takes precedence, Studyadda was conceptualized. Education is expensive and buying costly books is not possible for everyone. Studyadda is that oasis in the desert that gives you the most updated educational news, exam alerts and sample papers, all on one interactive web portal. Providing you quality, educational material at simple, affordable rates is our humble endeavour.

Studyadda, unlike its many counterparts, takes pride in educating the youth at the most minimal charges. We are the only interactive web portal which periodically updates its study material keeping abreast with the latest educational trends.

Created by the enterprising IIT alumni, Studyadda is a web portal where students can find all types of solutions to their various, complicated educational queries.

Study materials ranging from the 6th to 12th standard, engineering and Medical examination papers, previous questions, theory notes, we have it all here for you.

If you are looking for answers pertaining to course materials from the CBSE or ICSE or any qualified board, your search ends with Studyadda!!

It is our mission to empower you, our young learners with an affordable, well-informed portal where you can take online tests to test your abilities.

Studyadda is unique in its demeanour because we provide renowned periodic magazines like Hybrid, IITJEE Times and PMT Times at your doorstep, with minimal subscription charges. 

When you bond with Studyadda, you experience and evolve in the following ways:

  1. By taking our online assessments, you can identify your strengths, weaknesses, and brush upon them periodically.
  2. Gather most informative educational material on one platform, at a minimal cost
  3. Create a strong learning foundation for yourself from where you can climb towards challenging examinations.

Your journey of finding the road to an enterprising career starts here with Studyadda. Lets find your destination...together...

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