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Rectangle 30-12-2020 By Shivam Sharma Sir


Order and Ranking 30-12-2020 By Abhishek Pandey Si...
Find Missing Number 2-1-2020 By Abishek Pandey Sir
Calendar Part-II 29-12-2020 By Abhishek Pandey Sir
Calendar Basic Concept Part-I 28-12-2020 By Abhish...
Alphabetical Test and Miscellaneous Series Part-II...
Alphabetical Test and Miscellaneous Series Part-I&...
TIME and WORK-I 7-1-21 By Sunil Sir
Square Root and Cube Root 4-1-2021 By Sunil Sir


Simple Interest 28-12-2020 By Sunil Sir
Profit and Loss 2-1-21 By Sunil Sir
Percentage 1-1- 2021 By Sunil Sir
Compound Interest 29-12-2020 By Sunil Sir
Average 30-12-2020 By Sunil Sir
Repeated Series 2-1-21 By Shivam Sharma Sir
Number Series 5-1-2021 By Shivam Sharma Sir
Missing Number 7-1-21 By Shivam Sharma Sir


Dice Part-II 1-1-2021 By Shivam Sharma Sir
Dice Part-I 31-12-2020 By Shivam Sharma Sir
COUNTING OF FIGURE SQUARE 29-12-2020 By Shivam Sha...

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