1st Class English Gender and Singular, Plural Gender and Singular/Plural

Gender and Singular/Plural

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There are certain titles that remain neutral. They do not change. For example chairperson, principal  


Amazing facts

The word woman comes eastern wyfman broken down to mean wife of a man.  



This lesson -will help you to ?

  • differentiate between different types of gender
  • understand the concept of singular and plural  


Quick concept review


The concept of gender refers to the concept of masculine meaning related to man or boy or male and feminine related to female or woman or a girl. For example


Mother, Aunty, Sister, Madam, Queen.

Father, Uncle, Brother, Sir, King.  


Gender names of some animals




Quick Concept review

The concept of singular and plural refers to Single -Some noun that is single or one Plural- Some noun that more than one for example-A box is a singular term, whereas boxes is plural.  For the plural form of most nouns just add" S". For example Bottle: Bottles


Cup: Cups, Window: Windows When a noun ends with a ?y? Then ?y? is replaced by 'ies'. For example Baby becomes Babies  


When a noun ends with F. F is replaced by ?ves' in the plural form. For example thief would become thieves.                


When a noun ends with x. ch. or sh then ?es? is added to them to make their plural form. For example-Box will become boxes.    


Amazing Facts

There are certain words that do not change. They remain the same whether singular or plural. For example sheep, deer.

Rules for certain other nouns are different. For example Child: Children, Mouse: Mice



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