1st Class English Spoken and written Expression SPOKEN AND WRITTEN EXPRESSION


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You can play a game where one person speaks a word and the other speaks another word related to that word. In this way a story can be formed.  



To gain a connected over any language we need to read as well as listen as much as we can. A good listener can be a good orator.



This lesson will help you to

  • Learn to speak proper English       
  • Learn to write English properly.  

Quick Concept Review

Until now we read about different rules of grammar. English language is about speaking and writing properly. If the words are not placed properly then the answer seems to be wrong. The correct phrases should be used so that you answer what you have asked. For example when someone asks you, what are you eating? And you answer this is my house bid you answer "he question asked? No, the correct answer would have been that I am eating Pizza (or whatever you were eating). There are few ways to build up your English speaking skills.  

Go to a shop and try to read all the labels and packing. Try to read shop fronts and names of buildings. When you are out, try to find out the following stores         

  • A grocery shop
  • A property dealer's office 
  • A shopping centre (most of the people will speak in English)
  • A pharmacist

Listen to people speaking in English and you should be able to pick up words and phrases from them. When at a store, if someone asks you "sir may I help you?" What will you say?

"Yes please. I am looking for a shirt." (or whatever you are looking for) You can't say "I am not interested." This would be a wrong answer.



Before you choose an answer. The answer should be related to the question asked.

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