1st Class Mathematics Addition Concept  of Addition

Concept  of Addition

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Concept of Addition


Addition means collection other than one unit together and counting them as single unit.  

Let's understand this through an example:  

There are three balls in box A                         



There is one ball in another box B                             




How many balls are there in both the boxes together?

For this, we put the balls from both the boxes in a single box as shown below:    



Therefore, the third box has three balls of box A and one ball of box B and they are together 4 balls.

Let's understand it in another way:    



Where '+' is sign of addition and it is read as 'plus' and '=' is the sign of 'is equal to' or 'is same as'


 is read as:

Three + One is equal to Four'

or 'Three + One is same as Four'  

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