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*  Introduction



The kilometer, metre, centimeter, inches and foot are the units of distance and length. While kilometer andmetre are used for long and average distances, and length, centimeter, inches and foot are used to measure short distances.  


* Length and Breadth

Length is longer dimension of an object while breadth is the dimension from side to side. Let's see the picture given below:  


*  Measurement

In the above mentioned picture, the longer dimension is AB and CD. Hence AB and CD are lengths. While dimension from side to side are AC and BD and it is called breadth.  


Now Remember,

kilometer =metre

metre = centimeter

andfoot =inches.

Now ifkilometer =metre

thenkilometer = Twometers.

Kilometer = Threemeters and the process goes on.  



metre =centimeters.

metre = twocentimeters

meters = threecentimeters and the process goes on.

Againfoot =inches.

foot = twoinches


foot = threeinches

= inches.  


Remember again  

Short forms:

Kilometer            =        

Metre                   =         

Centimeter        =              





 How many kilometers are there in two 1000 meters?

(a) 4                                                      

(b) 2

(c) 3                                                      

(d) 5  


Answer: (b)


kilometer = onemeters then kilometers = two meters.  



 Which one of the following is the length in the given picture?



(a) LM                                                  

(b) LN

(c) MO                                                 

(d) NL  


Answer: (a)      




  • There are 12 inches in 1 foot.
  • Generally the length of a football field is 110 meters but it varies from country to country.  




  • Kilometers, metre, centimeter, inches and foot are the units of distances and lengths.
  • Length is the longer dimension.
  • Breadth is the shorter and side to side dimension.
  • Long distances are measured in kilometers, for example distance travelled by trains and buses are calculated in kilometers.
  • For measurement of lengths and heights, metre, centimeter, foot and inches are used. For example length of a cloth is measured in meters and centimeters. To measure the height of a person, foot and inches are used as measurement unit.
  • Km > m > cm
  • Foot > Inches > cm.      

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