1st Class Mathematics Time and Calendar Time Indicating Watches

Time Indicating Watches

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*  Time Indicating Watches  



Let's see the face of the clock given below:  



In the above mentioned clock/the numbertoare marked.

The space between two consecutive numbers is divided intoequal parts.

Thus the face or dial of the clock is divided intosmall divisions.

This is also clear from the picture of the clock that it has two hands. One is the shorter hand that is called hour hand and the other is the longer hand that is called minute hand. The minute hand moves from one small division to another small division in one minute orseconds.

It means it goes around the dial of the clock in hour.  



As minute hand covers two small divisions inhour

therefore,hour= minutes

It must be noted also that the minute hand moves from one number to another inminutes.  


* Important Points   

  • The hour hand moves from one number to the next in 1 hour.
  • The hour hand takes two complete rounds in a day.
  • The hour hand takes 12 hours to complete one round.

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