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Home of Animals / insects

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*    Home of Animals/insects

Remember the animals/insects and their homes:

Bear                         Den
Bee                          Hive
SM Nest
Bird of Prey Eyrie
Bat Roost, cave
Beaver Lodge
Cat Cattery, liar, den
Chicken Coop, run
Cattle Stable, pasture, barn, byre
Dog Kennel
Fox Earth, den, hole, liar
Horse Paddock, Stable, Stall, Stud
Hare Form
Lion Den
Mole Burrow, fortress, tunnel
Pig Sty, Pen
Rabbit Hutch, cony-garth, burrow, warren
Snake Hole, nest
Squirrel Drey
Spider Web
Sheep Pen, fold
Tiger Den, Liar
Termite Mound
Wolf Den, liar
Wasp Vespiary, nest





Lion lives in a _________.

(a) Den                                                                 (b) Hole

(c) Sky                                                                   (d) Tree


Answer: (a)


Option (A) is correct because lion's home is known as den. Rest of the options is incorrect.



Which one of the following is the home of dog?

(a) Den                                                                 (b) Liar

(c) Kennel                                                           (d) Fold


Answer: (C)


Option (C) is correct because dog lives in a kennel. Rest of the options is incorrect.


you know.jpg

  • Scavenger helps us to keep our environment clean.
  • Ostrich is the largest bird which cannot fly.




  • Wild animals live in the forest.
  • Lion, tiger, panther, wolf, leopard, etc. are wild animals.
  • Water animals are crocodile, octopus, shark/ dolphins, etc.
  • Domestic animals live with human.
  • Domestic animals are cow, goat, sheep, horse, dog, cat, etc.
  • Farm animals are used for the production of human food, farming and transportation.
  • Milk giving animals are called milch animals.
  • Cow, goat, buffalo, etc. are milch animals
  • Insects are very small creatures without backbone.
  • Reptiles creep trough their bellies and short legs
  • Birds have wings, feathers, two scaly legs and a beak. Birds can fly in the sky.
  • Fishes are water animals having fins and gills.

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