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*    FISH

Fish is also a non-vegetarian food, as it is a water animal.

Fish contains good amount of proteins and fats.


 *    Let us see the fishes in the picture given below.




  Which one of the following is non-vegetarian food?

(a) Rice and vegetables                                 (b) Chapati and Vegetables

(c) Mutton and fish                                         (d) Rice and Pulse


Answers: (C)


Option (C) is correct because, rest of the options are the examples of vegetarian food.



  Which one of the following is the picture of non-vegetarian food?

(a)                                        (b)

(c)                                          (d)


Answer: (b)


Option (B) is correct because, this is a picture of fishes and a fish is a non-vegetarian food item. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect because, these all are vegetables.


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  • Sunlight is best sources of vitamin D.
  • Microorganism like lactobacillus is useful to us.



  • Healthy foods have high nutritious value, which maintain and improve our health.
  • Healthy food makes us strong to fight diseases.
  • Roughage are coarse or rough ingredients of food items. They are also called fiber.
  • Junk foods are categorized as ready to eat food items. They can be prepared very quickly.
  • Junk foods contain very little or no roughage.
  • Junk foods are not nutritious and are very harmful for our body if eaten regularly.
  • Cereals are our staple food. These are rice, wheat, oat, corn, millet, maize, barn etc.
  • Cereals contain roughage.
  • Fruits with eatable skins contain roughage.
  • Pulses are staple food, taken with rice and wheat bread.
  • Pulses contain proteins that increase their nutritious value.
  • Meat and fishes are non-vegetarian foods.
  • Meat are the animal's flesh and fish is a water animal.
  • Meat and fish contain high amounts of proteins that is necessary for our body.

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