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Mathematical Functions

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*       Mathematical Functions



Suppose you went to the market to buy milk, bread and ice-cream and wish to know how much money you spent at the shop. For this, you need to add the cost for the various items to get the result. (See Figure 2.2.3)                  






(A) 25 (milk) + 15 (bread) + 10 (ice-cream) = 50 (Amount spent) Similarly, if you went with seventy rupees and wish to know how much money is left with you, you need to subtract the amount that you spent from seventy.

(B) 70 (amount in the beginning) - 50 (amount spent) = 20 (Amount left) these calculations can be performed by a computer also. The processes of addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/) to arrive at a mathematical result are called Mathematical Functions.    





 There are many signs used in mathematical function in a computer. What is the sign of multiplication in computer?


(A) *                                                                     

(B) -                                                                                                      

(C) +                                                                     

(D) x


Answer: (a)


Correct Option: 

(A) *: is the sign used for the multiplication in computer.

Incorrect Options:

(B) -; use for subtraction.

(C) + : use for addition.  

(D) x - is a sign used manual for multiplication.    



 Replace appropriate operators in the following expression.

(5x7) - (14 divided by 2)

(A) (5x7) - (14% 2)                                           

(B) (5*7) - (14-2)                                              

(C) (5*7) - (14/2)                                             

(D) None of these  


Answer: (C) 


Correct Option:

(C) (5*7)-(14/2)

Incorrect Options:

(A) (5x7) - (14 % 2) - here % is a symbol of percentage, that's why it is incorrect.

(B) (5*7) - (14 - 2) - here sign of subtraction is used instead of division that's why it is incorrect.

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