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*     Input System  



A person, who wishes to travel from Delhi to Mumbai by air, fills in a reservation form which contains details of the name, age, destination, etc. of the customer. The customer details are the input. The data in the form is entered through the keyboard. Hence, the keyboard becomes the input device and forms a part of the input system.  






 Match the following         

        A                                                      B

1. Light pen                                        i. Output

2. systemScanner                            ii. Directly write on screen

3.  VDU                                               iii. Input system

(A) 1, i; 2, ii; 3, iii                                               

(B) 1, ii; 2, iii; 3, i

(C) 1, iii; 2, ii; 3, j                                               

(D) 1, ii; 2, i; 3, ii  


Answer: (B)


Correct Option:

(B) Option (B) is matched correctly. With the help of a light pen you can directly write on the screen. Scanner is an input system and visual display unit (VDU) is an output system.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Option (A) is mismatched.

(C) Option (C) is mismatched.

(D) Option (D) is mismatched.    



 Read the conversation between Stephen and Jennifer. Whose statement is/are correct?

Stephen : Advance Input systems understands that man to machine interface provide the utmost in quality and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership.

Jennifer : Advance input systems understands the every command given by i.ian and process is very well but it costlier and common man cannot use it.



(A) Statement of Stephen is correct       

(B) Statement of Jennifer is correct

(C) Both are correct                                       

(D) All of them are correct  


Answer: (a)


Correct Option:

(A) Statement of Stephen is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(B) Statement of Jennifer is incorrect.

(C) Option (C) is incorrect.

(D) Option (D) is incorrect.

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