2nd Class Computers Introduction to Windows Introduction            


Category : 2nd Class

*         The Windows Operating System  


Just try to imagine the situation in the class where a teacher gives assignments and checks the activities of the students. In the class one teacher manages all the students similarly inside the computer too; there is one program that manages all the other programs, just like a teacher. This program is called Windows. In order to start and work, every computer needs an operating system. An operating system acts like an interpreter between the computer hardware and the user. An interpreter is required because the computer and human beings speak different languages. There are many operating systems in the market such as Mac OS X and UNIX but Windows is the most popular operating system that controls the working of the computer. Windows keeps everything in order. It knows which file to open from which directory, how much memory to be given to a program and so on. Windows can come in different versions (such as Windows 7, Windows 2000, and Window Vista).  


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