2nd Class Computers Introduction to Windows Purpose of Taskbar

Purpose of Taskbar

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*       Purpose of Taskbar  


The Taskbar is a bar at the bottom of the screen. It is another important part of the Windows operating system. One of its main uses is to switch between any open programs or documents. It simply means that while writing a letter you can draw a picture, listen to, music and then come back to your letter again without closing any program (See Figure 2.7.5)  




*     The Clock  

On the right side of the Taskbar, you will find the clock which shows the time that has been set at your computer. You can set the clock yourself and can change the time. (See Figure 2.7.6)        






 Which of the following statements is/ are correct? i. Task bar is the bottom bar of a Desktop. ii. Task bar helps to switch between any open documents.

(A) Only (i)

(B) Only (ii)

(C) Both are correct

(D) Both are incorrect

Answer: (c)


Correct Option:

(C) Both of the statements are correct. Task bar is the bottom bar and its helps in switching between the opened documents.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Option (A) is incorrect.

(B) Option (B) is incorrect.                                           

(D) Option (D) is incorrect.    



 Where does Taskbar locate on windows Desktop by default?

(A) Bottom                                                        

(B) Top

(C) Left                                                                

(D) Right  


Answer: (a)


Correct Option:

(A) By default Taskbar locate on the bottom of a window.

Incorrect Options:

(B) Option (B) is incorrect.

(C) Option (C) is incorrect.

(D) Option (D) is incorrect.  

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