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Transport and Communication

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This lesson will help you to:

  • study about different means of transport.
  • learn about types of transport i.e. air, land and water.
  • Study about different means of communication.  

How do you come to school everyday? By bus or by rickshaw? We all travel from one place to another for different reasons. Children go to school for study, elders go to work.


Did you know?

CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is considered less harmful for the environment. In Delhi, buses, taxis and autorickshows run on CNG.



People use different means of transport to travel. Sow of them are slow and some are fast. Some move on land, some in air and some in water. Let us study these in detail.


Means of transport help us to move from one place to another. There are three means of transport.                     


(A) LAND TRANSPORT  Vehicles such as cycles, rickshaw, scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, trains move on land only. These are known as land transport. Land transport are used to move from one city to another.                

(B) WATER TRANSPORT Vehicles such as boat, ships, steamer, submarine, Yatch can move in water only. These are known as water transport.                


(C) AIR TRANPORT Vehicles such as aeroplane, helicopter, jet planes etc. can move in air only. These is known as air transport. Air                   

Transport is the fastest means of transport. They cover long distances in a short time. This mode of transport is the most expensive,                                     


Do you feel happy when you receive a card or an e-mail wishing you 'Happy birthday?

Communication means sending or receiving messages, There are many ways by which we can communicate with people living in other places.


A letter is a popular means of communication. We can buy land letters and postcards from a post office. We can write our messages in them and then drop them in the Post box. They reach our friends and relatives in a few days.

Urgent letters can be sent through speed post or by courier.

Historical Preview:

Dr. Marathi cooper invented the first mobile phone on 3rd April 1973.



The telephone is the fastest means of communication. We use a telephone to talk to our friends living within the city, in other cities and even in other countries. These days mobile phones are very popular. They are also used to send text messages and pictures.

The fax is used to send a written message, a letter or a photograph to someone instantly.




Computer has become an important means of communication. Electronic mail (e-mail) and Internet are very fast and popular means of communication now a day.




Sometimes we need to communicate with a large number of people at the same time. We can do so through newspapers, radio or television. These are called means of mass communication.

Real Life Examples

Kolkata and Delhi have a very efficient system of Metro trains that are a convenient mode of travel within the city. Similar system is being set up in other cities of India as well.

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