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Changing Page Setup

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*  Changing Page Setup



Word 2003 allows setting page setup according to your requirement. Page Setup includes .page margins and page setting. The blank spaces around the edges of the page are called page margins. You can set your page margins according to inserted text and graphics. You can also set some items in the margins, such as page number, header and footer.




* To set the page margins: 

  • Select File  Page Setup to open Page Setup dialog box, as shown in the following figure.
  • Click Margins tab.
  • Set the margins and orientation.
  • Click OK.

Word 2003 automatically inserts section breaks (section break: A mark you insert to show the end of a section. A section break stores the section formatting elements, such as the margins, page orientation, headers and footers, and sequence of page numbers.) Before and after the pages with the new paper size. You can also set paper size according to your requirements.


* To change the paper size: 

  • Select File -> Page Setup to open Page Setup dialog box.
  • Click the Paper tab, as shown in the following figure:
  • Click a paper size.

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