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*   Kerning



Word 2003 enables to adjust kerning in your document. Basically it a process of moving letters closer together, in an effort to overcome the illusion too much space between letters. It makes the text more appealing and readable. In Word, kerning can be adjusted either automatically or manually.  


* To change kerning automatically: 

  • Select the text and right click to open the popup menu.
  • Click Font to open the Font dialog box, as shown in the following figure:
  • Click the Character Spacing tab and adjust the character spading and positions.
  • Select the Kerning for fonts check box, as shown in the following figure:
  • Click OK.  



* Working-with WordArt

Word Art is the excellent feature of Word 2003. Basically it is an auto shape toolbar in Microsoft Word 2003 that allows creating a variety of three-dimensional word shapes in the document. You can change the text, determine text wrapping points and even modify the orientation of the text.  


* To insert the word art: 

  • Select the area of the document where you want to place the word art.
  • Click anywhere inside the document to select a location for the placement of the word art.
  • Click Insert WordArt to open the WordArt gallery.
  • Select the desired word art design.
  • Click Ok to open the Edit WordArt Text dialog box.
  • Type the text and set the font and size.
  • Click OK to apply all effects

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