8th Class English Clauses Introduction


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*  Introduction


An important aspect of English grammar is to understand the mutual relationship among the component parts of a sentence. For this, a sentence has to be broken into various parts. This breaking up of a sentence into its component parts in order to show their mutual relationship is called Analysis.



*    The Sentences


As we already know, a group of words which makes a complete sense is called a sentence, and every sentence has a Finite Verb. For example:

  •   He ate a sumptuous dinner.
  •   She admires his courage.

Here ate and admires are Finite Verbs, thus they are sentences.



*    The Clause


The part of a sentence which has a subject and a Finite Verb is called a clause.

For Example:

The teacher told me that she would guide me.

In the above given sentence, 'that she would guide me' is a part of the whole sentence in which there is one subject 'she' and one Finite Verb 'would guide'.

The entire part 'that she would guide me' is a clause.


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