8th Class English Determiners Introduction


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*    Introduction


Definition: Determiners are those words which modify in some manner the Nouns with which they are used.

  • I have a red pen.
  • She was a very beautiful girl.
  • The cow is an animal.
  • My brother is a teacher.
  • She wants to be a doctor.
  • Steve has little knowledge about planets.
  • Do you have any book on Management?
  • This juice is bitter.
  • Every child should be taught basic values.
  • There is not much chance of his winning the game.

In the above given sentences, a, the, my, an, little, any, this, every, much and his are those words which indicate that Nouns are about to be used. As these words fix the position of Nouns, they are called Fixing words or Determiners.  

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