11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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    State the location and functions of different types of meristems.


    A meristematic tissue represents a group of cells that have retained the power of division throughout the life of an individual. The meristematic tissues are of three types, i.e., apical, intercalary and lateral meristem. (i) Apical meristem These meristems are present at the apices of shoot and roots of the plants. Apical meristems are responsible for the increase in length of all the primary tissues. (ii) Intercalary meristem It is the meristem that occurs between the mature tissues. They occur in grasses and regenerate parts removed by the grazing herbivores. It contributes to the formation of the primary plant body. (iii) Lateral meristem It occurs in the mature regions of roots and shoots of many plants, particularly that produce woody axis. These meristems are responsible for producing the secondary tissues.

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