11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

  • question_answer 15)
      Match the following columns.
    Column I Column II
    A. Cuticle 1. Guard cells
    B. Bulliform cells 2. Single layer
    C. Stomata 3. Waxy layer
    D. Epidermis 4. Empty colourless cells
    Codes A   B   C D                             A   B   C D (a) 3   4   1   2                          (b) 1   2   3   4 (c) 3   2   4   1                           (d) 3   2   1   4


                      (a) CuticleIt is a waxy layer present all over the plant body except root. Bulliform Cells These are empty colourless cells when the bulliform cells in the leavesabsorbed water and becomes turgid the leaf surface is exposed. When they are flacciddue to water stress, they make the leaves, curl inwards to minimize water loss. StomataThese are minute apertures in the epidermis, meant for gas exchange. Eachaperture is bounded by two kidney shaped cells, called guard calls. Guard cells controlclosing and opening of stomata. EpidermisIt is generally uniseriate, i.e., composed of single layer of epidermal cells. Insome cases epidermis may be multilayered, e.g., Ficus, Nerium.

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