11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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        Below is a list of plant fibers. From which part of the plant these are obtained (a) coir                  (b) hemp                             (c) cotton                            (d) jute


                      The commerica! cork is obtained from the cork tissue of Quercussuber, which yields bottlecork. Cork is formed by cork cambium or phellogen cell. Cork cambium cells divide periclinally , cutting cells towards the inside and outside. The cells cut off twowards theoutside become suberised and dead. These are compactly packed in radial rows without intercellullar spaces and form cork of phellem. Cork is impervious to water due to suberin and provides protection to theunderlying tissues. (a) CoirIt is a natural fibre obtained from husk of coconut. It is the fibrous mesoderm of the coconut fruit Cocosnucifera. (b) Hemp The fibre is obtained from the stems of Cannabis sativa. It is the bast fibre (soft orstem fibre) obtained from secondary phloem. (c) Cotton The fibre is the epidermal growth of cotton (Gossypiumhirsutum) seed. It is elongated structure made up of cellulose. (d) Jute It is a natural bast fibre obtained from Corchoruscapsularis and made up ofcellulose and lignin.

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