11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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      Epidermal cells are often modified to perform specialized functions in plants. Name some of them and function they perform.


                      Modification of Epidermal Cells The epidermal tissue has the following modifications (i)Root hair
    Structure Function
    Unicellular hairs are the extensions of epidermal cell of roots in the root hair zone. It increases the surface area for absorption of water and minerals.
    (ii)Epidermal Appendages      
    Structure Function
    These are called trichomes and are epidermal cell modifications. There may be unicellular or multicellular. Appendages of epidermis of leaves A- Stellate hair of a Alyssum B- Glandular hair of Pelargonium C- Short glandular hair of Lavandula D- Floccose hair of Malva E- Glandular hair of Solanum F- Urtivating hair of Verbascum Some performs for stinging produces and some glandular secretions.  

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