11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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      Is Pinus an evergreen tree? Comment.


                      Evergreen plant are those which has leaves persistent in all the four seasons. In contrast todeciduous plants which completely loose their foliage during winter or dry season. Pinus belonging to gymnosperms is an evergreen tree. The flowering plants under conditions ofextreme cold shed their leaves and become dormant. But Pinus due to the presence of bark, which is thick, needle-like leaves having sunkenstomata, reduce the rate of transpiration. The cold areas are both physiologically andphysically dry due to scanty rainfall, precipitation as snow, decreased root absorption at lowtemperature and exposed habitats. But, Pinus is well adapted to such conditions. It continues to manufacture food during thisperiod and grown to dominate other plants. This show that Pinus is an evergreen tree. It do not shed its leaves, i.e., needles under any condition.

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