11th Class Biology Anatomy of Flowering Plants

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        Each of the following terms has some anatomical significance. What do these terms mean? Explain with the help of line diagrams. (a) Plasmadesmoses/Plasmodesmata                    (b) Middle lamella (c) Secondary wall


                      These terms mean as listed
    Structure Function Diagram
    These are microscopic connecting channels  between the two cells through the cell wall.       Allow communication and transport between two neighboring cells. Plasmodesmataallow molecules to travel between plant cells through the symplastic pathway.
    Middle lamella    
    It is a layer in the cell wall mainly made of calcium pectate. Performs the function of cementing between the two neighboring cells.
    Secondary wall  
    It is a non-extensible layer made of hemicellulose fibers, in the cell wall of plant cells. Provides rigidity to the cell wall in plant cell.    

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