11th Class Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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        The enzyme that is not found in a  plant is (a) RuBP carboxylase     (b) PEP carboxylase         (c) NADP reductase          (d) ATP synthase Thinking Process plants are those plants which have calvin cycle to produce glucose molecules in dark reaction.  cycle is found in all photosynthesising plants. Some plants have problem in fixing atmospheric  because of deviation to property of RuBP carboxylase oxygenase enzyme. So they have evolved  mechanism.


                    (b) PEP carboxylase enzyme is found in  plants to carry out initial fixation of . The functions of other enzymes in options (a), (c) and (d) are as follows (a)RuBP carboxylase operates in  plants. (c) NADP reductase is involved in electron transport chain. (d) ATP synthase is used in ATP synthesis.

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