11th Class Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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      Examine the figure (a) Is this structure present in animal cell or plant cell? (b) Can these be passed on to the progeny? How? (c) Name the metabolic processes taking place in the places marked (A) and (5).


                      (a) The above figure show the chloroplast which is green in colour and performs photosynthesis in plants thus, The structure is present in plant cell. (b) Yes, chloroplast has the power of self replication because of presence of extranuclear DNA. (c) The metabolic that occurs in the marked places are as follows. A-lt is the stroma of chloroplast where dark reaction of photosynthesis takes place. B-lt is the structure of extra nuclear DNA and is responsible for replication of chloroplast, when it is required in the photosynthesising cells.

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