11th Class Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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      Some of these terms/chemicals are associated with the ?4 cycle. Explain. (a) Hatch Slack pathway             (b) Calvin cycle     (c) PEP carboxylase                 (d) Bundle sheath cells


                      The terms associated with  cycle are Hatch Slack Pathway The process of synthesis of glucose in  plants is different from  plants which was discovered by two scientists MD Hatch and CR Slack (1977). Hence, named Hatch Slack pathway. PEP Carboxylase It is an enzyme present in mesophyll cells of  plants. It fixes  to form 4-carbon compound, i.e., oxaloacetate (OAA). Bundle Sheath Cells These are specialised sclerenchymatous cells present around the vascular bundle, in the veins of monocot leaves. These have agranal chloroplast.  cycle occurs in these cells to manufacture glucose in  plants. Calvin Cycle This cycle operates in bundle sheath cells and fixes  to form glucose molecules.

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