11th Class Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

  • question_answer 53)
      Observe the diagram and answer the following. (a) Which group of plants exhibit these two types of cells? (b) What is the first product of ?4 cycle? (c) Which enzyme is there in bundle sheath cells and mesophyll cells?


                      (a) Monocot plants belonging to Graminae/Poaceae family, e.g., sugarcane, maize etc., possess these two types of cells, i'.e., bundle sheath and mesophyll cell (in kranz anatomy). (b) A 4-carbon compound oxaloacetic acid is the first product of  cycle. (c) Mesophyll cells have PEP carboxylase to fix atmospheric  to form a4-carbon compound oxalo acetic acid, whereas bundle sheath cells have RuBP carboxylase which fix  by this enzyme to form 3-carbon compound 3 PGA (3 phosphoglyceric acid).

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