11th Class Biology Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

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      What can we conclude from the statement that the action and absorption spectrum of photosynthesis overlap? At which wavelength do they show peaks?


                      Absorption Spectrum This depicts the absorption of light of different wavelength by chlorophyll-a, b, xanthophyll and carotenoids. Action Spectrum This shows the rate of photosynthesis in the plant in the light of different wavelengths. Super Imposed Absorption and Action Spectrum When we superimposed both action and absorption spectrum, it shows that in the region of red and blue light, the chlorophyll-a and d harness the maximum light energy and are the main photosynthetic pigments. So, the rate of photosynthesis is high in these two regions. It shows maximum activity peak at wavelength (red light) i.e., 660-670 nm, 430-470 nm (blue) and 390-430 nm (violet).

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