8th Class English Glimpses of The Past - S.D.Sawant

  • question_answer 1)  1. Look at picture 1 and recall the opening lines of the original song in Hindi. Who is the singer? Who else do you see in this picture? 2. In picture what do you understand by the Company's 'superior weapons'.   3. Who is an artisan? Why do you think the artisans suffered? (Picture 3)   4. Which picture, according to you, reveals the first speaks of the fire of revolt?  


  • The opening line of the original songs is “AE MERE VATAN KE LOGO, TUM KHUB LAGALO NARA, YEH SHUBH DIN HAI HUM SABKA, LAHRA DO TIRANGA PYARA.”The singer is Lata Mangeskar. Pt. Nehru, Lal Bahadur Shastri and Indira Gandhi are seen in this picture.
  • The Company's 'Superior weapons' refers to their policy of 'divide and rule'.
  • An artisan is a skilled workman. They suffered because of oppressive rules of the Britishers.
  • Picture 7 (The sparks)

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