9th Class Social Science Specific Hazards and Mitigation

  • question_answer 1) Flood Quiz   1. What are floods that happen suddenly called?   2. What is the difference between flood and flash flood?   3. Identify three causes of floods in rural and urban areas.   4. What is reducing disaster risk called?   5. What percentage of our land areas is prone to floods?   6. Name the Government department at the district level responsible for flood warning in remote areas.   7. What food would you store in a flood prone area?   8. Name three rivers in India which are frequently affected by floods.        


    1. Flash floods.        2. Flash flood is a flood which happens suddenly due to breach of water control structures, spillover or a heavy downpour in nearby areas.  Normal floods occur gradually over many hours due to increase in water levels in rivers and water reservoirs, causing inundation.      3. Causes of Floods in Rural Areas                                 (i) Heavy rain over a flat or low lying area.                            (ii) A river breaching its embankments due to high water flow or heavy rain in the river's catchment area.   (iii) Any drainage obstructions like landslides, land subsidence etc. after heavy rains.                                               Causes of Floods in Urban Areas   (i) Lack of proper drainage or poor sewage system.   (ii) High intensity rainfall for a long time.   (iii) A river passing through an urban area breaching .its embankments due to high water flow or heavy rain in the river's catchment area.   4. Mitigation reduces disaster risk.   5. More than 12% of land areas in India is prone to floods.   6. Irrigation and Flood Control Department.   7. Non-perishable food like biscuits, dry fruits and sufficient potable water should be stored in a cool, dry area - off the floor or even higher in flood-prone areas. Do not store them above the stove, under the sink, in a damp garage or basement, or any place exposed to high or low temperature extremes.                              8. Ganga, Kosi and Brahmaputra are three major rivers prone to flooding.  

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