9th Class Social Science Specific Hazards and Mitigation

  • question_answer 3) List some of the coastal states of India that are affected by cyclones frequently and analyse their impact.  


    Coastal states of India affected by cyclones are Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and West Bengal.   Impact of Cyclones   (i) Household losses include loss of employment and income (loss of livelihood) to daily wage labourers, loss of household assets, instability or loss of social networks, increased costs of goods due to short, supplies of goods and services, lack of childcare and school facilities, etc. Some of these may be reduced over a period of time.   (ii) Agriculture, business and industry losses include loss of supply chain networks, loss or damage to business assets, loss to employees due to business closure, infrastructure damaged or devastated and damage to or loss of natural resources.         

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