9th Class Social Science Specific Hazards and Mitigation

  • question_answer 8) What do you understand by structural and non- structural mitigation efforts? Suggest two for each of the hazards discussed in the chapter.  


    Mitigation means to reduce the impact of disasters. Mitigation is of two types, structural mitigation and non-structural mitigation.   (i) Structural Mitigation Structural mitigation involves activities like Construction of river embankments Strengthening existing buildings, etc.   (ii) Non-Structural Mitigation Non-structural   mitigation   involves activities like   •Training in disaster management   •Regulating land use   •Public Education, etc.  

     Hazard Structural Mitigation Efforts Non Structural Mitigation Efforts
    1. Flood Watershed management construction of reservoirs (a)Mapping of flood plains  (b)Land use control
    2. Earthquake Engineered structures Enforcing building codes (a) Training in drop, cover and hold activity. (b) Public awareness
    3. Cyclone (a) Multipurpose cyclone shelters  (b) Engineered structures (a) Hazard mapping (b) Land use control
    4. Landslide (a) Drainage corrections (b) Engineered structures (a) Hazard mapping (b) Awareness generation
    5. Drought (a) Revival traditional water harvesting structures (b) Construction of water harvesting structures. (a) Land use planning  (b) Drought awareness programmes

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