9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions

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    It is quite common in the USA for judges to be nominated on the basis of well-known political opinions and affiliations. This fictitious advertisement appeared in the USA in 2005 when President Bush was considering various candidates for nomination to the Supreme Court. (a) What does cartoon say about the independence of the judiciary?   (b) Why do such cartoons not appear in our country?   (c) Does this demonstrate the independence of our judiciary?  


    (a) It shows that in the USA, the Judiciary is not considered to be independent, in the eyes of the people. It voices the feeling that justices of the Supreme Court there are appointed on their being supportive of the President. Their qualifications and experience are not so much important for their appointment to the US Supreme Court.   (b) Such cartoons do not appear in India because —   The appointment of justices to the Supreme Court is by a specified procedure which is transparent and does not favour anybody having sympathies with the government.    Indian judiciary is considered to be among one of the most the independent judiciaries in the world.   Judges normally do not speak in favour of or against any politician either of the ruling party or the opposition.   (c) Yes, this definitely demonstrates that our judiciary is independent.  

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