8th Class Mathematics Cubes and Cube Roots

  • question_answer 6)                 State true or false: (i) Cube of any odd number is even. (ii) A perfect cube does not end with two zeros. (iii) If square of a number ends with 5, then its cube ends with 25. (iv) There is no perfect cube which ends with 8. (v) The cube of a two digit number may be a three digit number. (vi) The cube of a two digit number may have seven or more digits. (vii) The cube of a single digit number may be a single digit number.


                    (i) False (ii) True (iii) False              |\[{{15}^{2}}=225,\,{{15}^{3}}=3375\] (iv) False              |\[{{12}^{3}}=1728\] (v) False               |\[{{10}^{3}}=1000,\,{{99}^{3}}=970299\] (vi) False              |\[{{10}^{3}}=1000,\,{{99}^{3}}=970299\] (vii) True              |\[{{1}^{3}}=1;\,\,{{2}^{3}}=8\]

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