10th Class English Locating Places on A Globe Practice Exercise

Practice Exercise

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In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of: : and one word is given on another side of: : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative.  


  Car : Garage : : Aeroplane : ?

(a) Port                                                                

(b) Depot                           

(c) Hanger                                                          

(d) Harbour

(e) None of these  



  Race : Fatigue :: Fast: ?

(a) Food                                                              

(b) Appetite                      

(c) Hunger                                                          

(d) Weakness

(e) None of these  



  Candle : Wax : : Paper :?

(a) Wood                                                            

(b) Tree                               

(c) Bamboo                                                        

(d) Pulp

(e) None of these  



  Acting : Theater: : Gambling : ?

(a) Casino                                                           

(b) Club                               

(c) Bar                                                                  

(d) Gymn

(e) None of these  



  Venerate : Worship :: Extol: ?

(a) Glorify                                                           

(b) Homage                       

(c) Compliment                                                

(d) Recommend

(e) None of these  



  Water: Convection : : Space : ?

(a) Conduction                                                 

(b) Transference             

(c) Vacuum                                                        

(d) Radiation

(e) None of these  



  Growth : Death : : Increase : ?

(a) Ease                                                               

(b) Decrease                     

(c) Tease                                                             

(d) Cease

(e) None of these  



  Oxygen : Burn : : Carbon dioxide : ?

(a) Isolate                                                           

(b) Foam                             

(c) Extinguish                                                    

(d) Explode

(e) None of these  



  Dog : Bark :: Goat: ?

(a) Bleat                                                              

(b) Howl                              

(c) Grunt                                                             

(d) Bray

(e) None of these  



  Grain : Stock : : Stick : ?

(a) Heap                                                              

(b) Bundle                          

(c) Collection                                                     

(d) String

(e) None of these  



  Nurture: Neglect:: Denigrate : ?

(a) Reveal                                                           

(b) Extol                              

(c) Recognize                                                    

(d) Calumniate

(e) None of these  



  Planet: Orbit: : Projectile : ?

(a) Trajectory                                                    

(b) Track                             

(c) Milky way                                    

(d) Path

(e) None of these  



  Genuine : Authentic : : Mirage : ?

(a) Image                                                            

(b) Transpiration             

(c) Reflection                                                    

(d) Illusion

(e) None of these  



  Cobbler : Leather:: Carpenter: ?

(a) Furniture                                                     

(b) Wood                            

(c) Hammer                                                       

(d) Chair

(e) None of these  



  Rupee : Indian : : Yen : ?

(a) Turkey                                                          

(b) Bangladesh                 

(c) Pakistan                                                        

(d) Japan

(e) None of these  



  Ocean : Deserts :: Waves : ?

(a) Sea                                                                 

(b) Dust                               

(c) Sand dunes                                                 

(d) Ripples

(e) None of these  



  Pork: Pig : : Beef:?

(a) Farmer                                                          

(b) Herd                              

(c) Cow                                                                

(d) Lamb

(e) None of these  



  Illiteracy : Education : : Flood : ?

(a) Rain                                                                

(b) Bridge                           

(c) Dam                                                               

(d) River

(e) None of these  



  Appraiser: Building : : Critic : ?

(a) Book                                                              

(b) Masterpiece              

(c) Judge                                                             

(d) Gold

(e) None of these  



  Fruit: Banana : : Mammal: ?

(a) Cow                                                               

(b) Snake                            

(c) Fish                                                                 

(d) Sparrow

(e) None of these  



  Tile : Mosaic : : Knot: ?

(a) Embroidery                                                                 

(b) Abacus                         

(c) Macrame                                                     

(d) Easle

(e) None of these  



  Import : Export: : Expenditure : ?

(a) Deficit                                                           

(b) Revenue                      

(c) Debt                                                               

(d) Tax

(e) None of these  



  Hill : Mountain : : Stream : ?

(a) River                                                              

(b) Canal                             

(c) Glacier                                                           

(d) Avalanche

(e) None of these  



  Country : President : : State : ?

(a) Governor                                                     

(b) Minister                       

(c) Chief minister                                            

(d) Citizen

(e) None of these  



  Bread : Yeast:: Curd : ?

(a) Fungi                                                             

(b) Bacteria                        

(c) Germs                                                           

(d) Virus

(e) None of these



 Court: Justice : : School : ?

(a) Teacher                                                        

(b) Student                        

(c) Ignorance                                                    

(d) Education

(e) None of these  



  Chromite : Chromium : : llmenite :?

(a) Limestone                                                   

(b) Cobalt                           

(c) Manganese                                 

(d) Titanium

(e) None of these    



  Command : Order:: Confusion : ?

(a) Discipline                                                     

(b) Clarity                           

(c) Choas                                                            

(d) Problem

(e) None of these  



  Ruby : Red : : Sapphire : ?

(a) Blue                                                               

(b) White                            

(c) Green                                                            

(d) Silver

(e) None of these  



  House : Garbage :: Ore : ?

(a) Rubbish                                                        

(b) Gangue                        

(c) Sand                                                               

(d) Dregs

(e) None of these  



  Hong Kong : China : : Vatican : ?

(a) Rome                                                            

(b) Mexico                         

(c) Canada                                                          

(d) Christianity

(e) None of these  



  Stee : Rails : : Alnico : ?

(a) Aircraft                                                         

(b) Machinery                  

(c) Silverware                                                   

(d) Magnets

(e) None of these  



  Poodle : Dog :: Moose : ?

(a) Duck                                                              

(b) Donkey                        

(c) Fowl                                                               

(d) Deer

(e) None of these  



  Push : Pull :: Throw : ?

(a) Jump                                                             

(b) Collect                          

(c) Pick                                                                 

(d) Game

(e) None of these  



  Naphthalene : Coal tar:: Dyes : ?

(a) Petroleum                                                   

(b) Oils                                 

(c) Chemicals                                                    

(d) Carbon

(e) None of these  



  Darwin : Evolution : : Archimedes : ?

(a) Friction                                                         

(b) Lubrication                  

(c) Buoyancy                                                     

(d) Liquid

(e) None of these  



  Hot: Oven : : Cold : ?

(a) Ice cream                                                     

(b) Air conditioner          

(c) Show                                                             

(d) Refrigerator

(e) None of these  



  Conference : Chairman :: Newspaper: ?

(a) Reporter                                                      

(b) Distributor                  

(c) Painter                                                          

(d) Editor

(e) None of these  



  Drama : Stage : : Tennis : ?

(a) Tournament                                                               

(b) Net                

(c) Court                                                             

(d) Racket

(e) None of these  



  Tree : Forest: Grass : ?

(a) Lawn                                                              

(b) Field                              

(c) Garden                                                         

(d) Farm

(e) None of these      




1.          C 2.          C 3.          D 4.          A 5.          A 6.          D 7.          D 8.          C 9.          A 10.      B
11.      B 12.      A 13.      D 14.      B 15.      D 16.      C 17.      C 18.      C 19.      A 20.      A
21.      C 22.      B 23.      A 24.      A 25.      B 26.      D 27.      D 28.      C 29.      A 30.      B
31.      A 32.      D 33.      D 34.      C 35.      A 36.      C 37.      D 38.      A 39.      C 40.      A





  1. (c) First is temporarily parked in the second.
  1. (c) First causes the second.
  1. (d) First is made from the second.
  1. (a) Second is the place for performing the first.
  1. (a) The words in each pair are synonyms.
  1. (d) Second is the mode of transference of heat by the first.
  1. (d) Second puts an end to the activity denoted by the first.
  1. (c) Oxygen helps in burning while carbon dioxide extinguished fires.
  1. (a) Second is noise produced by the first.
  1. (b) Second is collection of the first.
  1. (b) The words in each pair are antonyms.
  1. (a) Second is the path traced by the first.
  1. (d) The words in each pair are synonyms.
  1. (b) Second is the raw material used by the first.
  1. (d) Rupee is the currency of India. Similarly, Yen is the currency of Japan.
  1. (c) If oceans were deserts, waves would be sand dunes.
  1. (c) First is the name given to the meat of the second.
  1. (c) Second helps to get rid of the first.
  1. (a) First comments on the second.
  1. (a) First denotes the class to which the second belongs.
  1. (c) Just as tiles in mosaic make a pattern, so also the knots in a piece of macrame make a pattern.
  1. (b) The words in each pair are antonyms.
  1. (a) Second is bigger form of first. 
  1. (a) President and Governor are the nominal heads of country and state, respectively. 
  1. (b) First is produced by the action of the second. 
  1. (d) First is the place where the second is imparted. 
  1. (d) Chromite is a mineral of chromium and ilmenite is a mineral of titanium. 
  1. (c) The words in each pair are synonyms. 
  1. (a) Ravi is a red precious stone, while sapphire is a blue precious stone. 
  1. (b) The waste of the house is called garbage. Similarly, the impurities in the ore are called gangue. 
  1. (a) Hong Kong is a city in China. Similarly, Vatican is a city in Rome. 
  1. (d) First is used to makes the second. 
  1. (d) Poodle is a breed of dog and moose is a bread of deer. 
  1. (c) The words in each pair are antonyms.
  1. (a) First is obtained from the second. 
  1. (c) Darwin gave the theory if evolution, likewise Archimedes gave the theory of buoyancy. 
  1. (d) An oven is an appliance to keep the food-items hot, similarly, a refrigerator keeps food-items cold. 
  1. (a) Chairman is the highest authority in a conference. Similarly, editor is the highest authority in a news paper agency. 
  1. (c) A drama is performed on a stage. Similarly, tennis is played on the court. 
  1. (a) A forest consists of trees and a lawn is made up of grass.  




  • Analogy plays a significant role in problem solving.
  • It is important in decision making.
  • It helps to form a perception.
  • It helps to expand memory.
  • It helps to develop creativity and control emotion.
  • It helps to tackle explanation and communication.    





  • Descriptive, in which one word describes the other word, as in Blue : Sky.
  • Part to whole, in which one word is a part or piece of the other, as in Arm : Body.
  • Item to category, in which one word names something that falls into the group named by the other word, as in Milk :  Beverage.    




  • An analogy is a type of word problem that often appears on standardized tests.
  • Your goal in solving an analogy is to find a word that correctly completes the second pair.
  • At first glance, the words in an analogy may seem to have nothing to do with each other, but the words are always logically related.
  • Both pairs of words have the same kind of relationship.
  • To solve the analogy you need to find that relationship.

Here is an example: apple : fruit : : carrot: vegetable

Let's look more closely at the analogy. We should be able to see that apple is related to fruit in the same way that carrot is related to vegetable.

In both cases, the first word is a member of the group of the second word - an apple is a kind of fruit; a carrot is a kind of vegetable.

When we explain the relationship in a sentence, we have made a relationship sentence, a relationship, a connection, or a bridge between the two words.  

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