10th Class English Notice, Message, Telegram, & Report Writing Practice Exercise 2

Practice Exercise 2

Category : 10th Class



  1. Write a conversation between a petrol pump attendant and a customer who is requesting the attendant to provide fuel into his vehicle, although the service time is over.
  2. You want to order an ice-cream from Mother Dairy. Write a conversation that could take place between the service man and you regarding ordering of the ice-cream until delivery.
  3. You have seen a young boy riding on a motorcycle meet with an accident. After coming home, in the evening, you call your friend to state about the horrific incident. Write the conversation.
  4. Your father has surprisingly bought tickets for Goa to visit during your summer vacation. Your mother has gone to her mother's place. You call your mother on her mobile and inform her about your father's buying the tickets to Goa. Write the conversation that could have taken place.
  5. You have gone to a Metro station to buy a Smart Card. When you have visited the Customer Care Centre, the representative acknowledged you that the time for issuing Smart Card is between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Write a conversation that could take place between the representative and you.
  6. Before going for a friend's birthday, you went to a florist to buy a bouquet. But the florist said that there are no roses and he would make the bouquet with some other varieties of flowers. You ask the florist to use some good flowers so that the bouquet looks appealing. Write a conversation that might be possible in this case.    

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