12th Class Biology Genetics Central Dogma

Central Dogma

Category : 12th Class

Central dogma of molecular biology proposes a unidirectional or one way flow of information from DNA to RNA (transcription) and from RNA to protein (translation). The concept was given by Watson and Crick.


\[\text{DNA}\xrightarrow{\text{Transcription}}\text{mRNA}\ \xrightarrow{\text{Translation}}\ \text{Protein}\]


As mentioned above the first step of central dogma is transcription (synthesis of mRNA from DNA), but in case of reverse transcription DNA is synthesizes from RNA in retrovirus. That concept is given by Temin and Baltimore in Rous sarcoma virus, also known as teminism or reverse transcription and enzyme catalyze this reaction is reverse trancriptase or RNA dependent DNA polymerase. For this work, Temin, Baltimore and Dulbecco were given Nobel prize (1975).


\[\text{DNA}\underset{\xleftarrow[\text{Reverse}\,\text{Transcription}]{}}{\mathop{\xrightarrow{\ \ \ \ \text{Transcription}\ \ \ \ \ }}}\,\text{RNA}\xrightarrow{{}}\text{Protein}\]

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