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Introduction to MS-Paint

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Introduction to MS-Paint





v  MS-Paint is a basic painting utility tool that is included in all the Microsoft windows versions.

v  MS-Paint can be used to draw, color and edit pictures.

v  MS-Paint is found in the windows start menu within the accessories folder.


Starting MS-Paint


MS-Paint is a part of windows. To open paint do the following steps:


v  Click "Office" button and select All Apps option from the start menu list.

v  Click "Windows Accessories" folder from the All Apps list.

v  Click MS-Paint option which is listed under the windows Accessories folder.


v  To open MS-Paint, type Paint in the search box on the task bar and then select paint from the list of result.




Both will launch MS-Paint application window with the file name 'Untitled - Paint' as "hewn in the picture below:








v  File Tab: It consist of options like open and save file, create new page, print documents and other file related options.






v  Home Tab: It consists of tools like brushes, shapes, colour, image erasers, fill tool, pick color, magnifier, text airbrush etc.







v  View Tab: It consist of tools like zoom in, zoom out, full screen, status bar, rulers etc.




Using Tools



v  Pencil tool: This tool is used to draw a line with different color.






v  Brushes tool: This tool allows to select brush shape and apply color using strokes as you move cursor over the image.







v  Color Palette: This tool is where you will choose your paint color.








v  Eraser tool: This tool is used to erase parts of a drawing.






v  Magnifier: This tool will allow you to zoom in or zoom out an image.







v  Text tool: This tool is used to type text directly onto your picture.







v  Airbrush tool: This tool allows you to "spray" an area of your image with a color of your choice.






Things to Remember


v  MS-Paint is a product of Microsoft.

v  MS-Paint is used to draw, color and edit picture.

v  Some common MS-Paint tools are Pick color, Pencil, Airbrush, Magnifier, Color Palette, Eraser etc.

v  Pencil tool is used to draw line,

v  Color palette is where we choose color

v  Brushes apply color using strokes.


Answer Me



1.            The _______ tool is used to draw strokes like pencil.

(eraser, pencil, shapes)

2.            The ______ tool is used to erase parts or all the drawing.

(pencil, eraser, shapes)

3.            MS-Paint is used to ______.

(send picture or draw picture)

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