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This lesson will help you to:

  • gain knowledge about animals. For
  • learn about different types of animals and habitat.
  • study about birds and their features.
  • Know about insect.


Amazing Facts

The tongue of giraffe is too long that it can clean his ear with his tongue.             

Butterflies taste their food with their feet. They do not have mouth. They taste it by just standing on it.


Real Life Examples

Dog is considered as the most faithful animal in the world. 

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. There are over 500, million domestic cats in the world.


Quick concept review:

You must have seen cows eating grass, dogs and cats roaming around, houseflies and mosquitoes flying your house.


Some of these animals are large in size and some are small. These animals help us in many ways. Let us study about these animals in details.


Animals: There are different types of animal around us. Some animals live on ground, for example Cow, Horse. Some animals lives in water, for example fishes. Some animals live on trees, for example Monkey. Some are kept at our home, for example Cat, Dog. Rabbit



On the basis of their home, animals are divided into following types:

  1. Wild Animals                              
  2. Domestic Animals
  3. Water Animals


(1) Wild Animals: The animals that live in forest are called wild animals. They eat the flesh of other animal. For example:   Lion, Tiger, Fox, Giraffe, Cheetah.


(2) Domestic Animals: Domestic animals are kept at our home and also in farms. There are also known as pets. For example: Dog, Cat, Rabbit.


Some domestic animals are very useful to us in many ways. For example: Cow, buffalo and goat give us milk, hen gives egg.


Some domestic animals are used in transportation. For example: Horse, Monkey, Ox.  Camel.

Camel can live in desert because it has a hump which can store water for many days. 




 Misconcept - all the birds can fly.
Concept - All the birds cannot fly. Many birds for eg: Ostrich and Penguin cannot fly. They are flightless birds.

(3) Water Animals: Animals that live in water are called water animals. For Example: Fish, Dolphin, Frog, Crocodile, and Tortoise.

Frog have webbed toes which help them to survive in water. This is adaptation in frog, so that a frog can live both on land and water.


You might have seen some creatures flying the sky. These are the birds.

Birds are the living creatures that can fly in the air, and have feathers, wings & beak. Birds have no teeth.

Birds have wings which help them to fly in air. This is an example of adaptation. Birds lay eggs.

For example: Parrot, Eagle, Ostrich, Peacock, Crow, and Pigeon.




Have you seen some very small creatures crawling on the ground and flying in the air. These are known as insects. Insects are the small creatures that have six legs & four wings.

For example: Housefly, Mosquito, Butterfly, Ant, Honey bee.



Historical preview

Do you know we al (commonly known as human beings) have been originated evolved from animals




Animal’s needs home to live in. for example: rabbit lives in burrow, lion lives in den.

Let us know more about their home: 


Do you know?

Tiger is known as the national animal of India & Peacock is the national bird of India.

Cheetah is the fastest running land animal.

Elephant is the largest land animal.

Some animals can live both on land and waters. For eg. Tortoise, Frog.



Some animals can live both on land and in water. For example; Frog, Tortoise

Fishes have fins that help them to fly in air. This is known as adaptation.

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