1st Class Science Good Habits, Safety and First Aid Good habits, safety and first aid

Good habits, safety and first aid

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This lesson will help you to:-

  • Learn good habits
  • Know about the safety measures to be taken during work and play.
  • Learn about the first aid methods to help others



You must have heard a well-known saying that "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". This means going to bed early and getting up early in the morning is a good habit which gives us good health, money and makes us wiser. Each one of us have some habits which may be good or bad let us study about some good habits in detail.



1.              To keep fit we must keep our body clean.



2.            We must have breakfast every morning.



3.            We must brush our teeth and comb our hair



4.            We must tidy up our bedroom every day.



5.            We must take bath every day



6.            We must out hands before and after every meal.



7.            Throw waste in dustbin



8.            We must wash our hands after going to toilet.

Apart from these, we should also respect our elders.

Have you noticed that your parents greet their elders by touching their feet and joining their hands.

These are also good habits.

We should always wish our elders and teachers. For example: we should say ‘good morning, to our teachers. 

Say Thank you' when we get something and please' when we want something.

We should always say 'Sorry if we hurt someone.                                        



'Safety' means^ to keep yourself protected from harm or accident.

Your parents always tell you to be careful while walking on the road, not to run on the road, cross the road very carefully. All these are safety rules.

Let us discuss these rules in detail.

  1. While walking on the road always walk on the footpath. While crossing the road use the zebra crossing.

Always walk on the left side of road.

  1. When you travel by a bus always stand in a line don't get into or get off from a moving bus.
  2. Do not play games on the road. Always play in the open playground.
  3. Obey the traffic rules. ‘stop’ when the light is Red and go when it is green.


5.            Do not swim alone in the swimming pool. Use swimming tubes, floaters or arm bands while swimming



6.            Do not play with Burn fire crackers in the presence of an adult.


7.            Do not play with sharp objects like knives and do not touch electric wires and plug point with we hand.




First aid is the first medical help given to the injured or sick person before the doctor arrived



Real life examples

A person giving first aid to the patient

Use zebra crossing while crossing the road


Did you know?

Most of the accidents take

Place because of braking the traffic rules and signals.


Misconcept / concept

Misconcept: throew water during short circuit

Concept: never throw water on the electric switches use sand instead of water.


Historical Preview

The first traffic light was invented by J.P knight on 9th December 1986. The first traffic light was set up in London.

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