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My Family and Relatives

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*     Introduction

Environment is the surrounding in which we live in.


*    My Family and Relatives

We all live in a house with our father, mother, brother and sister. Our parents, brother and sister make our family.


Family may be big and small.


In a small family, there are parents and one or two children.

In a big family, there are parents, one or two brother or sister, grandfather and grandmother live together.

Again, in some families not only parents and children, but also their uncle, aunt their children along with grand parents live together. Such family is called a joint family.

All the members of a family generally have common surname.

Brothers of our father are called as uncle.

Brothers of our mother is known as maternal uncle.

Our uncle's children are our cousins.

Our family is our first teacher.

Every member of 3 family, whether it is a small one or a large Joint family, has a very important role to play and needed by all the other members.

Similarly a family has a important role in the area in which it stays and other families depend on it. These families, when taken together, form a society.

The members of a family have many things in common. They look similar, talk and behave in a similar way. Some members of a family are sometimes affectionately called by a short name, which is known as pet name or nick name.

Some families follow certain practices which may not be followed by other families. Such practices are called customs of the family.

Our family and relatives are the important part of our life. They help us in our physical and mental development. We need them in making our decisions.

Do you take help of your family members in doing your homework?




  Who is the first teacher to all of us?

(a) Class Teacher                                                             

(b) Society

(c) Family                                                            

(d) Principal


Answer: (c)


Option (C) is correct, because our learning’s begin at home only. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.



  If my family consist of four members, in that case the fourth member of my family may be my:

(a) Sister                                                             

(b) Brother

(c) Teacher                                                                       

(d) Either (A) or (B)


Answer: (d)


Option (D) is correct, because the fourth may be either my brother or my sister. Therefore, rest of the options is incorrect.

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