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*       Output System  


As a result of the processing the information that either the person gets the reservation or is unable to get the reservation is output. The end result is called output. The output may be in the form of a ticket, if   seats are available or a message turning down the request. In case the customer is given reservation, his details are stored on the computer. The information regarding availability of seats is displayed on the display unit. Hence, the VDU becomes the output device. If a ticket is to be issued then it is printed on a printer which is also an output device then this forms the output system of the computer. (See Figure 2.3.6)  






 To get the solution for a problem, computer has to perform certain actions for example:  

Input  computer needs data for processing

Processing perform various calculation

Output sends the output to output device

Which is the correct sequence to get the result?

(A) Input-output  processing

(B) Outputprocessing input

(C) Inputprocessing  Output

(D) Processingoutput input  



Answer: (c)


Correct Option:

(C) Computer works on the basis of I-P-O cycle. In this cycle first function is input then processing and finally the output. Therefore, option (C) is correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Sequence given in option (A) is incorrect.

(B) Sequence given in option (B) is incorrect.

(D) Sequence given in option (D) is incorrect.    


 Match the following             

          A                                           B

1.  Storage device               i.    Plotter

2.  Print graphs                    ii.   Software

3.   LOGO                             iii.   Floppy disk

(A) 1, iii; 2, i; 3, ii                                               

(B) 1, ii; 2, i; 3, iii

(C) 1, i; 2, ii; 3, iii                                               

(D) 1, iii; 2, ii; 3, i  


Answer: (a)


Correct Option:

(A) Option (A) is matched correctly. Floppy disk is a storage device, plotis a print graphs and LOGO is software.

Incorrect Options: (B) Option (B) is matched incorrectly.

(C) Option (C) is matched incorrectly.

(D) Option (D) is matched incorrectly.  



You Know.jpg

  • The computer, being a machine, does what it is told to do and not what we want it to do.  




  • Hardware: The physical components that form the computer which can be seen and touched e.g. keyboard, mouse, etc.
  • Software: A collection of programs (a set of instructions) that is required to make the hardware perform a given set of tasks.
  • Input/output Units: The components or devices of the computer which are necessary in the input or output part of the I-P-O cycle.
  • Bugs: A software defect.    





  • Computers work on the principle of Input-Process-Output. A computer takes the input, processes it and produces the result.
  • Computers cannot do anything on their own. They have to be explicitly told what is to be done.
  • Resources on Net: http://www.webopaedia.com
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*      Abbreviations

I - P - O                 -                  Input - Process Output

VDU                       -                 Visual Display Unit  

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