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Plants Our Friend

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Plants: Our Friend


Plants are one of the most important living things that have made the life possible on this planet. They are the only source of life giving oxygen. Plants breathe in harmful carbon dioxide gas and breathe out oxygen. Thus, they not only give us oxygen but also absorb harmful carbon dioxide. They are very helpful to us.

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Characteristics of Plants

The plants have got some special characteristics which make them different from other living beings. The characteristics of plants are given below:


Plants Make their Own Food (Autotrophs)

Green plants are autotrophs. They make their own food in the presence of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight. Green plants have a pigment called chlorophyll that helps diem to make food.

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Plant Making Food


Plants have Roots and Shoots

A plant can be divided into two parts, that is, root and shoot. Root grows under the ground and shoot grows above the ground. It is the shoot that contains stem, branches, leaves, fruits, etc.


Many Plants bear Fruits

Many plants bear fruits that are very nutritious and delicious. For example, mango tree, apple tree, etc.

Mango tree


Plants Reproduce

Plants reproduce to continue their existence. They reproduce with the help of seeds, stems and roots.

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Reproduction through seeds                            Reproduction through roots


Plants Grow throughout their Life Cycle

Most of the plants grow throughout their life cycle. They attain maximum height.


Few Plants have Thorns

Few plants bear thorns. For example, rose, cactus, etc.

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Leaves of a Plant

Leaves of plants are very important. Plants make food in the leaves. Therefore, leaf is called the kitchen of the plant. Plants get energy from this food.

There is a small opening in the leaf. It is called stomata. Plants breathe through this opening.                                              

Plant's leaves can be of different shapes. For example, leaves can be round, long or triangular.

Image result for mango leave               Image result for lotus leaf                        Related image

                        Long leaves                              Round leaves                           Triangular leaves

                          (Mango)                                   (Lotus)                                       (Peepal)                              


Leaves of many plants are used to cure diseases. For example, neem's leaves cure skin problem.

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Neem tree leaves


Classification of Plants

Plants are classified into three types:



Plants having tall and hard trunks are called trees. Trees have thick and woody branches. For example, mango tree, Banyan tree, etc.

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                                                Mango tree                                    Banyan tree



Plants having weak and soft stem are called herbs. For example, tulsi, mint, etc.

Image result for coriander tree                   Image result for tulsi plant    

Coriander                                            Tulsi 



Shrubs are taller than herbs and have multiple woody stems. For example, rose plant, sunflower, etc.

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Rose Plant                                           Hibiscus Plant


Plants are Useful to us

  • Plants make the air clean.
  • Many plants bear fruits. For example, mango tree, apple tree, etc.
  • Many plants give flowers. For example, sunflower, rose, jasmine, etc.
  • Many plants give us vegetables.
  • Many plants provide medicines to us. Leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, etc. of many plants are used as medicine.
  • Trees provide us shade.
  • Wood from the trees can be used to make furniture or for lighting fire.
  • Birds make their nest on the trees.

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