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4th Class Computers Software Classification Application Software

Application Software

Category : 4th Class

*     Application Software


Application Software is the set of programs necessary to carry out operations for a specified application. This type of software pertains to one specific application. For instance, software that can perform railway reservation functions cannot prepare result for a school. These are programs written by programmers to enable computer to perform a specific task such as processing words, inventory control, handling calculations and figures, medical accounting, financial accounting, billing, etc.  


*   Application software can further be subdivided into 3 categories:  


*   General Purpose software

Packages that may be used by individual users in the manner it suits their needs and requirements. Major categories are word processing software, spreadsheets, database management systems, desktop publishing software, graphics and multimedia and presentation applications.  


*   Specialist software

Applications designed to be used for specific tasks such as company payroll, stock control systems, appointment systems, e-commerce sites, etc.

Some examples are Library Ex+ for library management, Tally for financial accounting, etc.


* Customized software

This type of software is tailor-made software according to the user's requirement. This type of software is developed to meet all the requirements specified by the user. For instance, a company wants to computerize its 'Accounts Department' and gets software developed according to the user's needs. This is also known as tailor made or bespoke software. (See Figure 4.4.4)  











 Match the following

                      A                                                             B

1. Customizes software                                         i.   Spreadsheets

2. Specialist software                                             ii. Tailor-made

3. General purpose software                                 iii. Tally

(A) 1, ii; 2, iii; 3, i                                               

(B) 1, iii; 2, ii; 3, i

(C) 1, i;2, ii; 3, iii                                                

(D) 1, ii; 2, i; 3, iii

(E) 1, i; 2, iii; 3, ii  


Answer: (a)

Correct Option:

(A) Option (A) is matched correctly.

Incorrect Options:

(B) Option (B) is matched incorrectly.

(C) Option (C) is matched incorrectly.

(D) Option (D) is matched incorrectly.

(E) Option (E) is matched incorrectly.    



 Fill in the blanks:

1.  _________ is the set of programs necessary to carry out operations for a specified application.

2. _________ applications designed to be used for specific tasks.

3. _________  is also known as bespoke software.


(A) System software. General software, Customize software

(B) Application software. Specialist software. Customized software

(C) Operating software. General software. Specialist software

(D) Application software. Customized software. General software

(E) System software, General software. Customized software  


Answer (B)

Correct Option:

(B) Options given in (B) are correct.

Incorrect Options:

(A) Options given in (A) are incorrect.

(C) Options given in (C) are incorrect.

(D) Options given in (D) are incorrect.

(E) Options given in (E) are incorrect.  



You Know.jpg 


  • Computer games are the most popular forms of application software.
  • Application software is also known as applications or apps.    



  • Hardware: The physical components of a computer system.
  • Software: Is the programs and instructions that the computer hardware processes to perform the tasks designated by the software.
  • Operating system: The link or interface between the user and the hardware.
  • Application software: Is the software related to perform non-computer related tasks and solve problems that relate more to the user's requirement. System software: is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide and maintain a platform for running application software.
  • Language Processors: A program that performs tasks, such as translating and interpreting, required for processing a specified programming language.  





  • A computer system consists of hardware and software for its proper functioning. The software represents the set of programs that govern the operation of a computer system and make the hardware run. Software can be classified broadly into 2 categories: system software and application software.
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*     Abbreviations

OS             -           Operating System

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