4th Class Science Plants Plants as Autotrophs

Plants as Autotrophs

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*     Introduction


Living things on the earth are mainly divided into two major groups, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom.


           Plant Kingdom                                                       Animal Kingdom  

The plant kingdom comprises of all the green plants present on the land, water and even those which are non-green in colour. The green colour of the plant is due to the presence of chlorophyll, which aid in photosynthesis. Nature has a wide variety of plants. Each variety has its own uniqueness. We see most of the plant that are green. But there are plants which has coloured leaves. Flowers of some are huge, while some have tiny one. Yet another group doesn't have any flower at all. Some plants have thorns while some are soft, delicate, beautiful and great to smell. We can also see plant life in and on water. Some plants live in dry places, while others need maximum rainfall.


*    Plant as Autotrophs

Auto means self and trophos means nourishment. Autotrophs are living organisms which can make their own food. They make their food by taking water and minerals from the soil, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and with the help of sunlight. Algae, some bacteria and large trees belong to this category. This mode of nutrition is called autotrophic nutrition. All green plants can make their own food. They are also known as producers.  

Plants as Autotrophs

 Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living organisms. Autotrophs can capture the energy of the sunlight to synthesize food. It is a unique process. The survival of almost all living organisms directly or indirectly depends on the food made by the plants. Autotrophs are fundamental to all in the food chains. All animals, almost all fungi, as well as most bacteria and protozoa, depend on autotrophs for the energy and raw materials.





  Look at the following figure of coleus plants.  


             Coleus plant

Coleus plant obtain its food by which one of the following process?

(a) Evaporation

(b) Photosynthesis

(c) Transpiration

(d) All of these                                           

(e) None of these  


Answer: (b)



   Which one of the following cannot perform the process of photosynthesis?

(a) Wheat plant                                               

(b) Cactus plant

(c) Peepal tree

(d) Hyena

(e) None of these


Answer: (d)

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